CPA Exam Preparation: Why One-on-One?


CPAFormula is the Smart Choice for CPA Exam Preparation with access to Instructors who are CPAs to teach you how to prepare for the exam using official AICPA Materials. CPAFormula is the first AICPA licensee, and a community of practicing and licensed CPAs who are here to help teach you the BEC, AUD, REG and FAR curriculum, one-on-one.

Use our amazing meeting software to communicate by video (think Facetime or Skype) with your CPA Instructor. Drag and drop questions, share your screen – LEARN instead of memorizing. Too busy for video? We can help using our App, Text or by Phone.

Answer a few questions about your current program, college program, and whether you’re taking another CPA Review program like Becker, Wiley or Roger, and we’ll build a supplementary plan of attack to help you understand how to pass one-on-one. You’ll get a custom program built for you using CPAFormula’s Certified Public Accountants (CPAS).

The most effective way to study, instead of wasting time. We’ll help you pass using practicing CPAs, one-on-one. If you’re not in a separate CPA Review program, use our licensed AICPA exam questions, expert 4K Videos explaining BEC, AUD, REG and FAR to help you learn all of the difficult subjects, and apply using simulation questions.

CPAFormula is the Smart Choice for CPA Exam Preparation and passing on the first try! Best of all, you’ll get official AICPA licensed CPA Exam questions, a custom approach to the exam, one-on-one learning (exclusive to CPAFormula), and the best possible learning experience – one-on-one.

We know you’ll love CPAFormula. You’ll get lifetime access to the course, until you become a CPA – no tricks, no “special offers”, no extra fees. One-time fee, for the best possible learning experience. Trust CPAFormula, and trust CPAs who dedicate their time to the students of the CPA profession.

Start with the Smart Choice, start with CPAFormula now.

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