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Bundle of AUD + FAR + BEC and REG Exam Review: Dedicated Online Accounting Tutor. One-on-One sessions. Personalized schedule. CPA Exam Materials. Pass Guarantee - Unlimited Access Until You Become a CPA.

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The Full Bundle Package includes access for AUD, BEC, FAR and REG courses.

The CPA Exam Review is reinvented - Featuring AICPA Approved Questions and One-on-OneTutoring.

Pass Guarantee: You are granted on-going access until you become a CPA. CPAFormula is the an AICPA Official Licensed Review program focusing on one-on-one tutoring for the CPA Exams.

Work with other CPA Review Programs (like Becker, Wiley or Roger) or as a Use CPAFormula Exclusively

As an official AICPA CPA Exam Question Licensee, and a program focusing strictly on CPA tutoring with practicing CPAs - we're here to help you pass. Our methodology is centered on a balance of strategic (e.g. such as time management, ranking, rating), comprehension (e.g. analysis, selection, interpretation) and technical (e.g. in-depth knowledge of technical criteria in all subjects) weaknesses. We cover all of AICPA’s Curriculum with incredible 4K quality videos and will teach you one-on-one.

Our personalized CPA Exam Review Program (AICPA Questions) provides access to hundreds of technical videos and written content across all of the most tested CPA Review topics – along with helpful examples of how to pass using the AICPA CPA Exam Rubric.

Our technique has been effective for 95% of our 2017 CPA students so far!. You will receive one-on-one attention from the time you start – until you pass. You will receive indefinite access to the program’s resources, until you pass!> Help us start a revolution in CPA Education.

CPA Exam Review, One-on-One

The CPAformula Exam Review program provides you with a CPA Tutor, excellent tutorial videos and a pass guarantee* – you’ll be ready to attack the all four CPA Exams with confidence!.

This course is online based and available 24/7/365. Just because our course is online, doesn’t mean you’ll be working alone; a CPA will be assigned to help you discover and address existing technical, strategic and written weaknesses.

We offer the support of your own personal CPA Tutor (who’ll be your Mentor as well) who is able to mark AICPA CPAFormula exam-ready MCQs and Simulations and work with you (using our App, by Skype or phone) to help provide valuable advice on how to improve your technique and suggest personalized approaches for the exam. Have questions? Have a CPA Tutor you to passing exams!. 

All students AICPA Exam Questions for the past 7 years and will be assigned a dedicated CPA Tutor who will teach them all of the difficult areas AND meet to enhance your learning experience. All dedicated CPAFormula Tutors are State Licensed Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) with professional teaching experience.

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The CPA Exam Review from CPAFormula Is Affordable and Best Learning Experience Possible: 

The Bundle Package is over 50% cheaper than Becker or Wiley fees.

Professionally Debriefed MCQs and CPA Simulations

Get confidence by understanding how CPAs think by having your simulations marked by a CPA and explore MCQs together.

You can pick the case, or you can ask us to suggest.

One-to-One Tutoring Sessions, Unlimited Chat and E-Mail Help

Improve your writing and technical by working together with a Certified Public Accountant. Every CPA Staff marker is a CPA with teaching experience.

2,000+ Multiple Choice Questions Mimicking CPA Exam

Practice using Multiple Choice Questions and Simulation Questions that mimic the CPA Exams. You'll have access to detailed answers and will be able to share your results with your Tutor.

We’ll provide a custom daily schedule by working together with you

One place to keep track of all marks across all practice simulations you attempt, multiple choice scores, one-to-one meetings and technical content.

Your CPA Tutor will prepare a custom schedule based on a mock-exam you'll be expected to write when you join the CPA Review Course.

Study On Any Computer, Tablet or Smartphone

We know you're busy. We also know you want to want to access content whenever you need it most. Download our apps and stay connected.

AICPA Mock Exams

Use AICPA Mock Exams, Expert Videos and One-on-One Tutoring Help to pass the first time around. Practice using CPAFormula’s Helpful Content

Built around the 2018 CPA Exam Format (T2202a)

CPAFormula licenses questions directly from AICPA – we’re an official global provider.

You can trust to make sure you’re preparing using previous exam questions.

If you need help – reach out now!.

Hundreds of Hours of 4K Video

Study efficiently by focusing on the most tested sections across the CPA Exams and Get Help from a Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Get Started Today – Get a CPA Tutor.

CPAFormula Full Bundle CPA Exam Course Offer Details:

Try out the CPA Exam Review Package for 14-days Risk Free*

  • Hundreds of Online Videos for AUD, BEC, FAR and REG in 4k Quality with Examples
  • Thousands of Multiple Choice questions
  • On-Demand Tutoring!
  • Free indefinite access to all course materials until you pass.
  • Free content upgrades.
  • All CPA Questions Are Licensed From AICPA.
  • Access from any computer, tablet or smartphone;
  • Unlimited free e-mail and SMS inquiries for technical questions for those late night cram sessions;
  • Personalized custom study plan based on your unique weaknesses and strengths;
  • A trained stress counselor is available for e-mail consultation as part of our program;
  • 95% Pass Rate in 2017!.

Why CPAFormula?

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What Topics Are Covered?

  • AUD CPA Exam Review: Auditing & Attestation
  • BEC CPA Exam Review: Business Environment and Concepts
  • FAR CPA Exam Review: Financial Accounting and Reporting
  • REG CPA Exam Review: Regulation
  • Feedback / comments
  • Certificate: Full Package - REG + FAR + AUD + BEC

Free Trial: Everything You Need To Pass 

the 2017 CPA Exam:

It’s 100% risk-free*! If you cancel within 14 days and you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll give you all of your money back. No questions asked.


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  • Dedicated CPA Tutor
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  • AICPA Exam Questions
  • Pass Guarantee
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  • Companion Mobile App
  • Help With Other CPA Exam Programs



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PrepPlus (Instant)

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  • Dedicated CPA Tutor
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  • Interactive Technical Videos
  • AICPA Exam Questions
  • Pass Guarantee
  • Ongoing Content Updates
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AICPA Approved Questions | 1-on-1 CPA Exam Review:

Prep Package: AICPA Practice Questions + One-on-One

You'll get full access to our Interactive Technical Videos and 2,000 AICPA Practice Exam Questions. In addition to this, we'll pair you with a Dedicated CPA Tutor to help supplement your knowledge. Use alone or together with Becker, Wiley or Roger CPA Review programsPass Guarantee + Lifetime Access Until You Pass!

PrepPlus Package: AICPA Practice Questions + One-on-One and Instant Tutoring

In addition to the Prep Package listed above, you'll get extra Flexible Prep Credits, and Free On-Demand Texting and CPA Review Help! Get Instant Help From CPAs.

Both options include:

Active progress monitoring through a custom built daily schedule and AICPA exam-ready practice materials specifically designed to mimic the 2017 and 2018 CPA Exams.

Interest-Free Installment Payments

Although the course starts immediately as soon as you sign up if you’re unable to pay the full balance immediately for any reason, we offer interest-free installment payments.

Chat with us if you have any questions or e-mail: support@cpaformula.com